Abhishek Bhati

Research Interests

    I am interested in understanding how to further democratize nonprofit and civil society organizations by giving voices to the marginalized community and increasing their effectiveness to solve complicated problems arising from both government and market failure. My current research aims at understanding how growing competition to attract new donations is affecting nonprofits’ fundraising strategies, including social media usage for attracting and retaining donors and its effects on their organizational structure and relationship between beneficiaries or recipients


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Ma, Yinglin, Erynn Beaton, and Abhishek Bhati (2022). "Sexual Harassment Policies in Nonprofits." Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek (2022). "What can Postcolonial Theory Contribute to the Study of Social Equity?" Public Administration Review. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek (2021). "Is the Representation of Beneficiaries by International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs) Still Pornographic?" Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek (2021). "What Implicit Racial Bias has got to do with Giving? Learnings from Fundraising Experiment." VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. Link

    • Won Best Paper Award in VOLUNTAS for the Year 2020.
    • Selected Press: The Conversation.

  • Bhati, Abhishek and Ruth Hansen (2020). "A Literature Review of Studies in Fundraising Using Experimental Methods." Journal of Behavioral Public Administration. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek and Diarmuid McDonnell (2020). "Success in an Online Giving Day: The Role of Social Media and Budget Size in Fundraising." Nonprofit Voluntary Sector Quarterly. Link

  • Brown, Catherine and Abhishek Bhati (2019). "Growth of Community-Based Giving Days in the United States: The Landscape and Effects." The Foundation Review. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek and Angela M. Eikenberry (2016). "Faces of the Needy: The Portrayal of Destitute Children in the Fundraising Campaigns of NGOs in India."International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Link

  • Bhati, Abhishek and Mathew J. Manimala (2011). "Talent Acquisition and Retention in Social Enterprises." Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues. Link

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

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Policy and Program Evaluation Reports

  • "Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey. A Report of Wave 3 Results". Philanthropy Ohio and Ohio Attorney General. Link

  • "Omaha Gives! 2015 Evaluation." Omaha Community Foundation Report. Link

  • "Omaha Gives! 2014 Evaluation." Omaha Community Foundation Report. Link

  • "Omaha Gives! 2013 Evaluation." Omaha Community Foundation Report. Link